A life too busy

We are living in a world that is fast-paced, achievement-focussed and for many of us, in a world where our performance is evaluated by other people. How do we cope? Could Micro-scheduling be the answer?

The extent to which these pressures have influenced our lives is manifested in the new fad of micro-scheduling. Micro-scheduling involves scheduling things to the minute, for example; 6am – wake up, 6:05am boil water, while water is boiling check e-mails, and this list then goes on to fill the entire day. Some people say it has changed their lives dramatically and has reduced their stress levels, whereas some mental health practitioners believe this to be a form of self-bulling.

In my opinion, micro-scheduling could be beneficial for certain individuals that have that personality make-up, whereas more spontaneous individuals would find it cramping and experience a sense of unease. Also, what happens when things change, how does that affect your scheduling? South Africa also has its own challenges such as load shedding, severe traffic and inconsistent public transport systems, which will make micro-scheduling very challenging. Micro-scheduling and normal scheduling are different. Normal scheduling, which can be done through apps like Google Calendar, which accommodates for changes and is not done down to the minute, can be very effective. One thing I have noticed when looking at my client’s schedules, is that most of them schedule important events, meetings etc, but they rarely schedule time for themselves, to do the things that make them fulfilled