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What is Integral Coaching?

Integral Coaching is a process of development between the coach and his client who together create new possibilities of thinking, feeling, and well-being. This is a client-centered and solution-focused process which means the client and coach aim to solve a specific problem or challenge during the coaching sessions.

Sessions involve building and maintaining competencies in terms of how the client thinks, feels and behaves.

I use a coaching style that is unconditionally supportive, goal orientated and progressive. I combine the science of measuring psychological capacities and processes as a Psychometrist, with the methodologies of Integral Coaching for optimal well-being development.

What does an Integral Coach and Psychometrist do?

  • Assist people who are feeling stuck in some aspect of their lives.

  • Solve new possibilities of thinking, feeling and behaving.

  • Learning appropriate coping skills.

  • Assist with life transitions, life changes and general life problems.

  • Career guidance.

  • Academic underachievement & study skills.

  • Identify intellectual, learning, cognitive, behavioural and emotional problems.

  • Solve learning, cognitive, behavioural and emotional problems using Integral Coaching methodologies.

  • Dealing with grief and bereavement.

  • Family conflict, parent-child conflict & parental guidance.

  • Poor self-esteem, self-concept enhancement, ego-building etc.

  • Peer conflict, social skills & interpersonal skills development.

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