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Selection/ recruitment assessments

“It is expensive to hire the wrong people. If they leave it is expensive. If they stay it is expensive.” Nathan Mellor


Hiring the right person to join your organisation has a major impact on your business success and employee wellbeing. Traditional interviews are simply measures of people’s social skills in a very structured and once off interaction. Gaining accurate information about candidates’ abilities, personality, interpersonal styles and emotional maturity can give informed insights to their job and job-fit. Most major industries are now utilising psychometric assessments in order to make informed decisions about who to hire.

Psychometric Assessments in business has received a lot of focus in terms of research due to its applicability in selection and recruitment and the importance of hiring the right person for the job. Given that so much research has gone into developing these assessments, they are usually rather costly. However, advances in technology has made selection and recruitment assessments more attainable for small businesses and is now less expensive.

I use an online platform that enables me and my team to provide tailormade assessments, based on the specific job requirements and specifications. We create a job-fit describing the personality profile of the ideal candidate and generate an assessment based on this profile. The assessment is then sent out to each candidate, and once completed, the sophisticated algorithms will find the candidate with the best job-fit. The program is very advanced and ranks the candidates from best job-fit, to the poorest.

When signing a selection and recruitment contract with us, you as the potential employer would receive two different reports:

  • The first report is a specified job-fit report that details the candidates’ applicability for the chosen position. It details specific personality characteristics that would stand in the candidates’ favour and personality characteristics that would be considered weaknesses in relation to the job-fit. This report integrates all of the information, including information obtained from our own interview process. This Insights report would then detail the final recommendations regarding the candidates' suitability for a specific role. This report will only be seen by the HR Manager or employer and not the candidates.

  • The second report is sent to the employer that can then be sent to the candidates. This report is a general feedback report that explains the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, without exposing the job-fit characteristics. This report can be of personal benefit to the candidates, as it highlights areas of development and gives practical advice based on research.


A feedback session can also be arranged for each candidate where I can explain their results, their strengths and weaknesses and areas that has been identified for development.​

This entire process can be done in person from my practice in Claremont, or the entire process can be completed online and candidates would then not have to travel to complete the assessments.

Please see below some of the organisations that my team and I have worked with in terms of selection and recruitment assessments:

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