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Adventure coaching for children

Do your children need assistance in dealing with their emotions? Do they need help coping with the stress of tests and exams? Are they constantly on their phones not learning to play outside? Does your child need help increasing their self-esteem?


We are presenting an interactive outdoor program where we facilitate the activity of Rock Climbing, in a safe and controlled environment to make children more aware of their own emotions and the emotions of others.


Psycho-Educational training is provided for the participants to better equip themselves to cope with life’s challenges, deal with stress and learn how to manage their emotions in healthy and constructive ways. These skills are then tested in an outdoor activity such as rock climbing. This program is presented by Jurie Wessels, Benita Southgate (Counselling Psychologist) and Ross Suter (Professional Rock Climbing Guide).


Our Adventure Coaching program would benefit any child between the ages of 8 to 12, who are struggling with:


Stress, Depression, Low Self Esteem, School Failures, Peer Relations, Performance Anxiety, Bullying, and Motivational Difficulties. 

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